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To increase the current scope of the center by initiating and conducting programs which not only meet the needs of young people and empowering them, but also providing them with the prerequisite skills that would make them to be gainfully employed or embark on their own trade to generate income.

Jean Able-Thomas


About Us

The FSDC was set up in 1999 and is now ready to expand its links with other non-governmental organizations and the pool of candidates/youth who form its clientele.                             

The vision of FSDC is to increase the current scope of the centre by running courses, which would meet the needs of these youth. The main avenue for youths to break out of the poverty trap is to increase their employment prospects by providing them with skills to embark on a trade for income generation.

The FSDC also seeks to address some social problems of the youth in addressing the low self-esteem evident in some students when they first arrive at the center. Some of them are products of circumstances of real poverty, broken homes and polygamous homes who have not had exposure to life outside their immediate environment. At the FSDC, they will be encouraged to form relationships, learn the techniques of coping with stress and prepare to compete for success in the world.

It has been observed that there is a large and growing number of unskilled youth in the Gambia. This observation is also linked to the apparent levels of poverty, which limit the ability of some youth to acquire the skills that would make them employable or able to earn an income through a trade. Today there is an alumnus of over five hundred with a current role call of one hundred and eighty two ladies and gentlemen.

The preponderance of under privileged and unskilled, i.e. unemployable young people creates the ever- present risk that idleness will encourage vagrancy and crime. Prostitution and an unrelenting desire to go abroad are just some of the results of the emptiness in the lives of some of our youths.

The FSDC approach to its goal of empowering our youth is a holistic one as its programs are not only geared to training clients to acquire employment but also to be groomed in comportment, general appreciation of Art, an introduction to the French language and coaching in the use of English language. FSDC insists on this approach since its goal is to ensure that its graduates must have relevant skills but also be well rounded to ensure that they can compete successfully in the work environment, hopefully, based on developing these cottage industry techniques. It is expected that some of the profits will be ploughed back into the project for sustainability.







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